Reflections on Father’s Day

It is 11pm on a Sunday night and we have closed another Father’s Day for the year. We spent the day laughing together and playing vintage video games (a passion of my husband’s) with the kids.

We have a tradition of going around the table and talking about what we appreciate about my husband. What I find interesting is that the kids never talk about how much money dad makes or how hard he works. They said things like, “Dad is fun. Dad tells those dumb jokes.”

I think the key to be a great dad isn’t really about those “big moments.” The thing that my husband does so well is that he makes the most of every small moment so that our kids feel loved and supported.

He shares his passions with them and makes sure there are no sacred calves. There is no subject that is off limits or forbidden.

When I think back on my relationship with my dad, it is much the same. I can’t recall any special talks or big dramatic movie moments. The moments that I remember – good and bad – were the small ones when he was just being himself.

I love how Pastor Dave talks about how the good dad checklist has changed to include more than make a living, pay the bills, and stay out of mom’s way.

A great dad is the guy who is their first defender, biggest cheerleader, and fiercest advocate.

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