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Can't Touch This Parenting with Spirit

The hardest thing a parent has to do sometimes is to hurt to heal. I'm not talking about spanking your kids. What do you do when a medical procedure results in pain, fear, and shock. Whitney and Dave unpack the importance of letting your child have some autonomy over their bodies and why it's important to give your little's some power – especially after they've had it taken away. Let's use a bad medical visit to learn more about when it's necessary to force your child to do something that hurts or scares them and when it's important to let them have some say in what happens next. 
  1. Can't Touch This
  2. The Epic Tale of the Stolen AirPods
  3. Sacred Cows and Parenting
  4. Spoiling Your Kids
  5. Holidays and vacations with kids – making the most out of time together.

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Whitney and Dave are the hosts of a podcast focused on giving parents the tools they need to help them succeed with their kids.

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